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May you taste, smell and touch your dreams of a beautiful tomorrow.

About Us

ELOI COCO PERFUMERY is a world-renowned online store for luxurious fine fragrances. We embody the couturier-perfumer's dream of glamour and sensuality. Our scents express solar energy and sensual intensity, making them an absolute classic in the world of fine fragrance. Our team of experts creates unique and captivating fragrances that will leave a lasting impression. We take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients to deliver a luxurious and unforgettable experience to our customers.

Our Story! 

As a rebel in the traditional fragrance Industry 

ELOI COCO has a reputation of styling unique 

scents and layering essential oils to build an 

enviable scent portfolio. This has included designing fragrances for musicians wanting to translate their music into notes and  artists wanting to create a visual scent profile. 

Est. since 1983 by Sir Kundanmal Lachman, the legacy of ELOI COCO PERFUMERY has decided to come out of the dark and bring a unique range of perfumes to Australia. 

With a head office ocated on the iconic Rue Cambon, in the heart of Paris, ELOI COCO PERFUMERY is where the magic happens. 

What goes 
into our 

vegan perfume

What goes into our Perfumes? 

The International Fragrance Association is the global representative body of the fragrance industry. It seeks to represent the collective interests of the industry and promote the safe use of fragrances through regulation.

All our essential oils come from Grasse, France - the Perfume Capital of the World and the heart of IFRA. 

What does this  mean? This means that your perfume is regulated by the standards that underpin and promote safe and sustainable use of fragrances in consumer products throughout the WORLD. 

The town of Grasse in France sits in the hills above the more famous city of Cannes. It does not have the Mediterranean sea at it’s doorstep. It has fields of jasmine, may rose and lavender, making it the world’s perfume capital.

At ELOI COCO PERFUMERY we develop our fragrances with an expert NOSE based in Grasse to design our beautiful and natural perfumes. Our perfumer brings aromas of the French Countryside to life.

Due to the town’s history, the grower’s quality and the perfumer’s creative gifts, Grass’s influence on the perfume world remains unmatched.

Whether it is multinationals creating signature scents or artisan perfumes Grasse remains the place to be for prime ingredients in the fragrance industry.  

The Manufacturing 
Process. . . 


The Manufacturing Process . . . 

Crafted with passion and precision, every drop of our perfume tells a story. From carefully selecting the finest ingredients to the artful blending process, we bring you a fragrance that captures the essence of luxury. .

Step into our world of scent and experience the magic of our manufacturing process. 

1.Sterilize the equipment – All the equipment used to filter, manufacture and bottle the perfumes need to be washed with distilled water. This ensures no contamination affects the quality of the final product.

2.Filtering and Storage Tanks – The raw essential oils consist of some insoluble substances and impurities. In order to ensure the perfume is clear and transparent, a filtration system needs to be installed to remove the precipitated impurities in the essential oils. These essential oils are then stored and labelled in our plant.

3.Mixing – The oils are blended according to a formula that has been predetermined by a perfumer, often referred to as a “nose”

4. Maturing – Aging allows the different scents, or notes, to really blend together. Perfumes are made up of top notes that provide the scent with body as well as base notes which create an enduring fragrance.

5. Filling – precision filling is done by machines installed in our factories to ensure zero contamination.

6. Crimping and Capping – This final stage involved ensures that the solution remains in an airtight container to prevent the essential oils from oxidizing.

7. Packaging – Our packaging reflects our core values and promises you the perfect gifting solution.

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